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Originally Posted by OZturner View Post
Roger, is it the light colour you are after?
Or is it also figuring as well as colour?
If it is just the colour, I would suggest American Poplar aka. "Cottonwood" as a local and readily available species.
To Give it an Australian Flavour, My overall favorite would be Huon Pine, that is an Extremely Exotic and somewhat scarce timber.
It has been prohibited from being felled in Tasmania, where it is uniquely local too, for many years, and the only source is from Logs that are recovered from the Rivers, Lakes or Dams.
Huon Pine can have some nice Grain Patterns and Birds Eye's, and is highly sought after, and is usually Priced Accordingly
And of course we should not forget the Pinus Radiata, and Norfolk Island Pine, as well as all the local Pines, that thrive around Suburbia.
One shouldn't leave out Camellia, Cotoneaster, and Citrus, these are also quite light coloured.
Thank you, Brian. Indeed, I'm looking for something lighter in color with interesting grain. The vast majority of my experience is in building custom guitars, and I'm familiar with the lexicon of woods that are usually discussed in those circles. I was curious if there was anything I was overlooking in the realm of pen turning.

I appreciate everyone's input and ideas!
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