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Default Fidget Spinners

I am sure that everyone has seen the latest fad going around with the Fidget Spinners. I saw them a while back but was not ready to spend upwards of $6.00 to buy one.

Last week, however, I was in my local Dollar Tree and there at the checkout counter were boxes of these things for $1.00 each. So, I bought three of them. Two I left at home, and one I brought into work with me.

They are really good quality-wise and they have quite a bit of weight to them so that they spin for a long time.

The only draw back I found on mine, was that there was a small area where the plastic was pumped into the mold that rough from when they broke it off the when they took the item out of the mold. It took me about two minutes with a sharp knife to smooth that out.

I have plans for making these with my hobby CNC machine, and I am going to try and make some with wood.
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