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I personally would identify that blank as "The F'in awesome crosscut blank I got from George in Australia with a bunch of black poka dots on it".
Interesting what you said, in fact, "poka dots" is a nice term for it, however, you would be able to say that you got it from George's in Australia why...? simply because I have never sold or had for sale these exact blanks, not the ones with the black stuff, have you ever had any of these before they got like this...? I don't think so, most people turn their nose around its name, however, I have had demonstrated in the past, how sometimes they can produce outstanding results...!

They were processed about 9 years ago, I've got a few packs, I may offer them for sale after the game is over and done with.

You asked how would I identify this blank. If I was identifying it, it means I have it.
OK, you've got me lost and we will find out soon what it is, however, I'm most puzzled when you say I got it and I wonder if I have put one of them as a gift with the last order I sent you, I don't remember I already forgot what I had for dinner, I'm that forgetful so anything is possible, I know that when I found them they were not in packs, they were loose in the box and I seem to recall to have had a couple extra, one that I had put a side for making a sample out off and the other's can be anywhere, including your house, at least one, I don't know...!

If you have if, you will be able to see what the wood species number is so, keep it for yourself, I really want to see if anyone can recognise the sample...!

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