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G'day peoples,

Now that the Summer Extravaganza contests are over, let me continue the winning spree by offering another Mr.A game

So, what is the difficulty degree of this game...? some may find it very hard while others may see it as an easy answer, I, on the other hand, think that will be a challenge why..? because this is not something I see every day, in fact, these blanks, cut in cross and diagonal were processed many years ago, at the time I had too many so I put a big bunch in cardboard boxes and stored them away.

Over the years I forgot all about them until recently when I made a few extra shelves in the lolly-shop so I decided that was time to go through those boxes and see what I had in there. Most were shorts but these 2 boxes had these blanks that have changed considerably since processed, there is a black coating through the wood, some sort of spalting or stain and I found it interesting and in many ways quite pretty so, I turned one of the blanks as a sample and decided to use it as the game subject of today.

The question is very simple;

How would you "specify"/identify this blank...? or, wood species, cut, etc...!

I would like to remind you all of the new conditions I introduced in game #32 and that is what actually the gift voucher amount will be spent on, and allow the actual winners to make their own choices. The only RULE that I ask you all to respect is that I allow each 1/3 of the value amount (AU$100.00) to be used for the selection of blanks/packs between the 3 main blanks types I make/sell, there is, raw/natural wood blanks, stabilized blanks/packs and Resifills (cast blanks), this means basically that you can select 1/3 of each type or all raw/natural blanks but never the voucher amount of all stabilized or Resifill blanks, I hope this has come clear if not, let me know...!

A voucher code will be sent by PM or email to the winner that will use it to put his/her's order, any freight/shipping is not included in the prize/voucher so, you will be requested at checkout to pay for posting.

You have 3 guesses to post, one guess per post, please...!

Good luck...!

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