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Thad; I have read up on many of those old threads. On thing I found interesting is that Warren White even got a new chuck body and it still had the same problem. What I'd like to see is someone from Nova address this issue with action other then sending out parts. With so many cases there has to be a reason and it seems to be the wobble in the slides. The scroll plate cannot be tight enough to keep the slides from wobbling or it would not rotate. Both sets of jaws I have sit perfectly aligned when they are sitting on a flat surface and not mounted. And, they come together perfectly with no pressure on them. When I run them together I can see about a 1/16" gap that is consistent all the way along the length. When I press the ends together they touch at the ends but not at the base. When I pull them apart the opposite is apparent.
One other thing to note is that the inside screw head obstructs the lower part on the channel so you should not try to mount something all the way into the jaws. I have put marks on mine that are about 1/2" out from the chuck body and that seems to work best.
But, even with the shims I cannot get a straight machined 7/16" rod to rotate evenly about the center.

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