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Originally Posted by Talltim View Post
Well every one does it a little differently. We sand through 600 and go through the nine rounds of mm on the wood. Then apply the CA and go through the process again through the mm. Then buff with white diamond.

We do the parallel during the wood stage as well.

We only apply accelerator when using medium ca. and sometimes then prefer to apply patience instead.
I dont like to use Accelerator at all but some times I'm in a rush. I will apply 5 - 6 coats thin and let it self dry. Then 5 - 6 coats medium, usually allowing it to self dry then I go through all the spongy squares of the MM and check the finish under a Bausch and Lomb StereoMicroscope I purchased on ebay (old job habits dont die) to see how bad the scratches are. If need be I will refinish with the MM from about half way through the deck up.
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