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Went to the shop and took a good look at the blank. After much consideration, I decided to try the wet MM and turn at a low speed. Good idea to put an old towel on the lathe! Anyway, I went through all the MM strips, dried the blank and looked at it with a magnifying glass. The lines were, as some were correct in their diagnosis, in the wood! Evidently, I didn't sand with the grain enough. They are not real evident unless you really look close.
Will sand with the lathe turning and let the wood stand proud of the bushings and then sand down with the grain to the bushing size. I understand that there are those who turn with a skew and have little or no sanding. Got that on my list of things to learn.
Thanks to all for their replies as there is a lot of information that I can use in the future. Now....back to the shop to work on another blank.
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