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Originally Posted by WriteON View Post
Question about a Taig for pens. I'm using a MidAmerican large bore for shafts and tinkering on butt caps...have removed bumpers and made a few cues bumperless. The taig lathe seems to be too slow for pen blank turning with a chisel. Is it? And where can a tool bar/tool rest assembly be purchased?
Can we see some of Todd or Chris' lathes set up for pens? Anyone?
I use to use my Mid America lathe all the time to make pens until I got another dedicated wood lathe. Not a pen set up in it, but I put the slide tool rest on there so you could see what it looks like. If you just get on ebay and type TAIG in the search bar, you can usually find other "attachments" that don't necessarily apply to cue making but still expand the possibilities of your Taig lathe.

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