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Default Chicagoland Chapter - August Meeting - Celtic Knot

So I said June will be a “can’t miss” meeting, and guess what - I missed it. Need to fire my CFO for scheduling me somewhere else. I heard the meeting was incredible. Thanks Ed Brown ( for stepping up and helping me out as MC. Thanks Dave Burk for getting everything else done. Special thanks to John Underhill for the demo. Rumor has it that the door prizes were donated by John and included some of his blanks. That is great. Thanks - all. And the winner of the closed end pen contest was Dick "Father" Sing.

August 12 - Celtic Knot With Don McCloskey

I have seen Don do this demo and it is a very cool technique.

Other Meeting Dates:
October 14
December 16

All meetings are from 10 am - 1 pm

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
139 South Weber Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60490

Demo Challenge:
Each month we will have a new challenge. Since this month was casting - you need to try it. Best hand cast pen wins the "big" prize again - which includes at least getting your name mentioned in this email.

Blank Exchange:
Was very well received, so we will do it again and it will be a staple at the meetings. Thanks Dave this time , but Randy for helping out and running this.

Tips and Tricks:
Please bring your tips and tricks for all of us to share and learn. Last month we had a few but always looking for more. Even if small – it might be something someone else is struggling with.

Show and Tell:
Please bring any pens you either loved making and just want to show off / are having trouble with a techniques and want help / want feedback on / or just want to put on a table. This will be an open forum to help each other. You will find two things out – one helping others is fun and two you know more than you think you do and others will benefit.

Looking for demonstrators and / or topics. If you have any interest in doing a demo email me. Also if you have suggestions for a demo you would like to see email me back. Per the suggestion I will be sending an email looking for the topic you would like to see prioritized and moved up.


We had a few people I need to thank for the last meeting:

Rockler – thanks for donating the facility and the gift cards

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