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Originally Posted by OZturner View Post
Intriguing Pen, Ross.
I am not Experienced with Moose Antler, nor have I seen many posted here.
Obviously it is not as Spectacular, as Deer Antler, so the Segmenting, does look like it is in a plain wood.
I love the material that you have used for the Segments, they are Very Attractive.
Have you also used some Soda Can Aluminium Inserts, alongside the Carolina Blue Acrylic Segments? or is what I can see a Dark Adhesive Line?
Your Segments are Uniformly Constructed and Placed Centrally in both Blanks, with Excellent Joint Alignment.
The Navigator Roller Ball, was an Ideal Hardware to Compliment these Blanks.
Congratulations, on your Son's Doctorate.
Brian - thank you for your comments. I did use a thin aluminum between all the segments to set it off, and I too really like the Navigator rollerball look and feel.

I'll admit that moose antler takes some time to stabilize because it is very porous - and frankly, you're turning as much stabilizer as you are antler, but closeup, there is some texture to it that the pic doesn't capture.

I am also thinking that I could turn some darker/more colorful wood and segment some moose antler similar to the acrylic. That could look nice as well.

Too many ideas - not enough shop time!
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