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Still pretty new at this--but getting addicted. The actual order in the photo, from left to right, is pen5, pen2 and pen4. The cigar in the center is my favorite and I've carried it for a few weeks--turned of Brazilian Chestnut, sanded to 600 grit and waxed with Johnson's. It was really just an experiment but I do like the feel of the waxed wood.

Pen 4, on the right, is a lacewood Wall Street, sanded to 600 and finished with Woodturners Finish (WTF). It was my second WTF finish, made my boss a purpleheart European for his birthday (pen 3--forgot to take a pic of the completed pen!!). This finish is much better as I slowed the lathe and used a softer touch for the first several coats--having re-read the bottle.

Pen 5 is a soft maple Wall Street, another WTF finish. Almost didn't put this one together this morning--got some dust from the bushings embedded in the wood--lesson learned on keeping the mesh off the bushings and perhaps doing a little sealing along the way. I might actually keep this one in the shop as a reminder!!

Been reading a lot and doing a little--thanks for all of your help!!
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