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Originally Posted by wolftat View Post
The snow is gone, look out your windows, put your shovels away, take off your gloves, hats, and scarves and lets get a meeting together. I am going to be back in this area for a limited amount of time before I head off to parts unknown again, so lets do something. I am willing to do another demo, whatever you choose, whether it be the herringbone 360 again or my famous "lets try to turn with a buck knife demo", that one was fun and really got everyone moving fast. I may even be willing to teach you all how to remain calm with burning hot brass flying down your shirts if you would like. Come on, lets do something here.
You're probably talking lower New England, ha ha--a bit far for me to travel, though I'd love to come.

Turning with a Buck knife sounds challenging, I have two or three kicking around (and eyeing the new Buck 110 automatic).

Having been pretty heavily involved in the Class III firearm world back in the 90's, I am well acquainted with the dangers of hot brass!

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