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Originally Posted by Woodchipper View Post
I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm just too lazy to do a search. I notice that many use some sort of coating or paint to cover the brass tube when it will show through the pen plank. What do you pen makers use? Does it change the OD of the tube any? I have some acrylic blanks for pens that might have the tube show through and don't want to mess them up. Thanks to all for your time and advice.
Most reverse paint the blank to hid any marks left by drilling.

I use Some use acrylic craft paint but I use Testors model paint. As for the clearance you will just have to experiment.

You can also experiment with the color. Different colors with drastically change the color of the blank.

One thing with using craft paint I think CA glue will dissolve it so best to use epoxy.
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