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Default Micro beading tools - selling all left


These are 3/16" square bits, 2" long. Tool steel, hardened to
approx. 58 Rockwell. They can be re-sharpened with a diamond
stone. There are three sizes of beads. $10 each.
1. 1/8" bead with a rounded shoulder on each side.
2. 3/32" bead same as above.
3. TWO 1/16" beads side by side, with a rounded shoulder on each
side. Makes a nice pair of beads much better looking than what
you can make with a wire or pointed tool.

The metal part for the handle is also available. It is made from
round drill rod, 1/2" diameter and 5" long, with a hole to take the bit, and 2-1/2" turned down to 3/8" so you can fit the wood part
of the handle, which you can turn to your liking. $14 complete with extra set screw and allen wrench.

The set of handle and 3 bits is $44.

A few sets are available at this time. Please contact me if interested. Thanks !

I will email closeout prices. Please let me know!
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