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Originally Posted by BeeAMaker View Post
Just tilt your head! :)

not a fan of that style of pen, but the work and blank look outstanding!.
Thank you sir. I am still trying to figure out the best design for the nosecone and overall design. The nose cone makes a big difference in the looks, that is for sure!

The blank is very neat. you get the same look as a hybrid blank, but with the advantages of alumilite, which I am a big fan of. Eugenio gets all the credit for that

I'm wondering if you have used a pen with one of these clickers and didn't like it, or just don't like the styling of the pen? Reason I ask is because once I used one, I was hooked! They are a really smooth click, and in my opinion, more reliable. They are all metal with no plastic parts to break or jam if dropped.

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