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Originally Posted by luckyscroller788 View Post
Just an idea here, not sure if its feasible or not. Drill the hole in the center, but instead of actual diameter, drill it smaller, the diameter of a plastic drinking straw (easy to get at any fast food joint, and in various diameters. Use the plastic straw as your glue-up tube, and go ahead and use whatever glue you want. Then, once you've got it all glued up and dry, chase through that hole with your actual size drillbit, and procede as you normally would with any other blank.
Does that sound like it would work?This is something I have thought about doing , but have yet to try it, but it seems to me like it would work just fine. If you do try it, let me know how it works.

The problem with that is you run the risk of a blow out that is unnecessary. If you drill all parts to correct size you do not have to stress the glue joints. Maybe have to run the bit through again because of some residue but no stress to the blank. You can never say something will not work because it may do just fine but i would eliminate the risk if i could.
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