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Terry welcome to the site if I did not get a chance to welcome you. Glad you found us and hope you stick around and have some fun. Glad to read of another segmenter wanting to jump in.

Many ways to make a segmented pen. Alot depends on the design being used. What you are asking is not unreasonable. I always use Titebond II or III on my wood glue ups of any kind. i have built pens on tubes before but I like to use epoxy and build them right on the tube as I go. The blank is made and glued with the tube inside and no worries about breakage. That is me. If you choose to use your method, make sure the holes are the size of your tube being used for the kit. You may have to run a drill bit through once everything is glued because of squeeze out. Wood glue will not stick well to a tube. But if you choose to use a bolt it will get in all the threads and become very difficult to remove. No on the wax. Do not sand the tube either if using for just a guide. Sand it later when installing. If you choose my method the key factor is to be able to center the tube within the design being used so correct measurements are necessary. Good luck and hope this helps. others will have more ideas for you. look forward to seeing what you can do.
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