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Originally Posted by Marmotjr View Post
Originally Posted by Marmotjr View Post
Click measuring contest eh?
Had myself a front row seat to the contest, and I did learn a lot just from watching! Thanks guys.

Mark, Excellent Demo! Thank you. Think I might have to give one of those a try.

For those that didn't know, I was the guy in the green jacket and big red beard.

Thanks again!

Hi Thad: I know that folks didn't want to use the name stickers, but I (and others) would have loved to know the names of who was attending!

I for one saw you, but not knowing your name, I could not place you with our contact on the IAP forum. I would have loved to chat with folks who I have traded messages with.

Hmnnn... Me thunks next time we should simply "stiff-arm" everyone to have a name tag.

However - Glad you made it and I hope you play with whatever info you got. AND, next time I want to greet you in person!
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