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Mmmm ... this stuff is pretty thin, in my opinion .... I occasionally like to use the gel version for gluing my tubes if there's a bit of a gap to fill due to oversized hole drilling (I'm not perfect!).

I got a big bottle of 2P10 from BrianG in one of last year's PITH events. It's a thin rubberized CA made for segmenting type work ... a very thoughtful gift and I'm planning on putting that to use soon on something nice.

I also found out that if you use a LOT of Harbor Freight CA at once (like 20+ tubes, lol!) it can take up to a week to cure ....

This stuff ends up rock hard, and quite clear if you don't use accelerators or other things to speed up the cure.

I cast a blank (bottle stopper size) using crushed tumble polished abalone shell and CA ... it came out with a lot of bubbles and some white hazing that looks like reef coral. I'll have to post a picture of the finished item whenever I get it made ... :)
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