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Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
Unfortunately, no one has yet stepped up to develop an alternate platform app for Android or any other device or web application, so we can't say when or even if any other alternatives will ever be available. We do keep the bat light out for any volunteers though.
I am considering stepping up, if I do though it won't be a quick thing, as I've never done any app development. While branching out (I'm a Biz Intelligence guy) would likely be good for my resume, it would also take time away from pen turning and woodworking. decisions decisions.

Here's something to consider though - buy the cheapest iPhone 4S that you can find & keep it in your shop to run the app if you don't want to use it for anything else. Just think of it as another shop tool.
There are also numerous emulators that allow one to run Ios apps on a Windows platform. I have no personal experience with them, having just yesterday confirmed my suspicion that they exist.
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