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I would say I'm in the same boat as you, but I enjoy it. I have several of these tackle box inserts each cubby labeled for the bushings and pen kit names.

I like having the options, you just have to be mindful when buying the kits to check the bushings needed. If I'm buying a large batch of a single kit I will usually buy another set of bushings for that batch.

And once you have spent the money on one of each of the drill bits needed, not so expensive after that to keep sharpened or replace as needed.

Also look into the starter kits from PSI, and some of the other vendors, they usually come with the bushings and an extra drill bit at no charge for those kits included.

IF you feel overwhelmed with quantity, sure you can do 3-4 different styles and stick with that, but having all the options is what makes it a fun hobby, and not repetitive for me.
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