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Default Learning - Don't buy one of each pen kit to "try-out"

Well, I kind of have to laugh at myself for jumping in and buying a variety of pen kits. Which means, a variety of bushings which "may" or may NOT" work for more than one type kit. At least there seems to be a limit to drill bit sizes, 4 so far.
The kit manufactures must have internal contests to see who can come up with a kit that needs a few thousands difference in bushing from other kits. I can almost hear the weekly design meeting.

Oh, I'm having so much fun with all of this. Yep, some mistakes, some, "not-so-wise" purchases but all in all fun. Much less expensive than golf!!!

For those that are not in pen making for business, do you stay with 2 or 3 styles, or do you make a large collection of styles?

I have learned to NOT buy, "bargain" or closeout kits until I learn to know more about what should/must be there.

And thanks for tips I've learned from folks here.

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