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Beautiful! You should consider making a pen for the Polyclay Bash contest.
Hi Curt, I am sorry I am pretty new here, so I am not sure what that is but I would love to join in. :)
Would you have any info you could share with me?
Thanks so much
It's real easy
first thing is the pen you enter may not have been seen anywhere on this site or even anywhere else, the contest is where it must be seen first.
don't put your name or your company name on the photo.
here is a link to the rules. they are pretty much set and I don't see very much if anything changing before the contest starts
the contest starts Feb. 1st.
POly CLay contest rules for the Bash.

When the contest starts there will be a link in the rules to an entry form.
Any other questions, just ask.
Sounds great! Thank you for the info. I will definitely get started on a new blank for this. :)
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