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Default 2017 Bash Mug Number Reservations

Numbered Mug Reservations are CLOSED

This thread will open at 6:30pm US Eastern time (2330 GMT) on January 2

Mug ordering will commence on 1/19/17.
If you make a reservation in this thread, you'll receive that mug when you order.

The 13th Anniversary mugs are numbered on the bottom as shown in the photo below. If you have a desire for a particular number, you may attempt to reserve it by posting in this thread when it opens.

Reservations are in a list at the bottom of this post. If you don't see a member name or "Reserved", or "Unavailable" next to the number you want, and it has not been claimed in a post made since the list was updated, you can reserve it.

To reserve a number, simply be the first to post the number you want.
  • Post one choice only. Don't edit your post
  • Only one reservation per person
  • Ordering links will be posted on Jan 19
  • Other items such as unnumbered mugs (smaller, different color) and t-shirts will also be available
The list below will be updated once a day. Check the posts made since the table was updated to see if someone else has claimed the number you want. This thread will be locked during updates.

This year's mug is the same style we had for our 6th anniversary.
Handmade in Wisconsin, USA, 16 ounces, "steel gray" glaze

View in gallery

View in gallery

Chart updated with requests through Jan 17
Jeff Brown in Westlake, Ohio, USA

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