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Originally Posted by MesquiteMan View Post
Originally Posted by Joey-Nieves View Post
You use air tight bottles to store the different colors you make, and save them after you finish.
Do NOT use air tight containers to store your CJ. For one, it is not needed since there is nothing in it that evaporates. I have an open container in my shop that I originally filled to a level and marked it. Over 6 years later, the level is exactly the same. Secondly, storing in an air tight container can cause it to cure on its own. My recommendation for storing is the plastic paint mixing containers with the snap on lids. The ones at Lowes or HD that look kinda like large cottage cheese containers. Easy to pour back into and not air tight enough to cause any problems.
Now that I got you here, I put some in a glass jar and it dried up solid after about 2 months or less. I did everything I normally do put away what was left in the jar because it had the dye.

lost about half a gallon in 3 bottles , I'm waiting on the loto numbers to buy some juice, but maybe you can tell me what went wrong, I thought is was because the jar that did not seal well, but know you say I was wrong.

Do you got a theory?

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