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As mentioned with a few previous pens, when the IAP Collection was initiated in 2014,
some penturners who were contacted about the project indicated their support - with many caveats:
"When I feel I have something noteworthy;" "When my Honeydo list gets shorter;" "When I find my lathe..."

So, this is another of the few unnamed originals supporters!

The IAP Collection Proudly welcomes Pen #46 !!!

"Sparky" (I can change this Brad!)

Brad Gothard (BradG).

(I have not completed the Photo Album page yet, so stay tuned.)

But... For more info on Brad's Pen: (Original Thread)

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View in gallery
Check out the
IAP Collection

The IAP Collection is a permanent collection of pens
that has been established from the
IAP Membership explicitly for the purpose of
public display, preservation and inspiration.
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