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I will not argue with you. You have your method and works for you. To me mine is easier to me. I only had to make the rack once. I only had to buy and cut the rods once. They are colored fiberglass marker rods people use to mark their properties. The bag of tie wraps is about $2 As far as the resin goes I do 12 blanks in about 20 minutes and that includes turning them. Prep is the key. Have all the sleeves cut to length. i usually use 5 to 6 drops when casting but will use about 3 to 4 when doing this process. I will never CA any braiding to a tube. I do all kinds of materials. Carbon fiber of all sorts. Carbon fiber is just another braiding material. I do nylon braids the same way. Check my album. You have been here long enough I have shown plenty of my finished pens with all kinds of materials.

Now you brought up watch part blanks. That is another whole other process and has nothing to do with this.

If that method is easier for you then so be it but do not claim it is easier than mine if you never done mine and others can make their own judgement. That is all I am saying. Happy casting.
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