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Originally Posted by jttheclockman View Post
Hello Mike

Not sure yours is an easier way just another way of doing the same thing. Some people use CA to adhere the braiding to the tube but i find using the exact same resin does a few things. It binds the braiding to the tube and when I coat them it locks to that same resin and again I am trying to eliminate those nasty bubbles that can emerge from all those crevices.

But it is always good to have more than one option and there are always more than one way to do what we do.

Just a note for those working with carbon fiber braiding. Be aware of the health risks with the fibers and take precautions. Work safe.
John I have to agree that your method is a very good solution to braided metal sleeves, I will probably use it some time, but the OP question was about carbon fiber. I have to dis agree that my method is not easier. In your method you have to build a stand, either turn or find dowels to fit inside the tube, paint them and wax them. Work in ten minute burst to get the Similar on before it kicks over and turn each dowel until then so it doesn't drip. I can't see that is easier than threading tubes into a sleeve hanging a weight on the bottom and drizzling CA on it.

I have to prefess this by saying I use West Systems epoxy for casting, but I have never had any bubbles or delamination using this method.

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