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John, do you feel like using the PR to adhere the carbon fiber reduces the separation of the carbon fiber to PR after casting? I have done a few and used thin CA, but after casting I get the dreaded separation, which looks like air bubbles on the surface of the carbon.

Hello Dan

I never had any separation from the tube. The silmar has good adhesive characteristics to it. Sometimes if i forget to wax the rods I have to take a knife and scrape it off. The outgassing from CA is enough for me not to put it in the equation. As I said the voids of the braiding can cause air bubbles even if you pressure. I have eliminated that with the method I use. Now this is my method and some may use other methods and that is fine. If it works for you then continue. I am not telling anyone to do it my way. Just wanted to show a method to help the OP. Anchoring the braiding with the tie wraps has made things easier for me in that it helps take out the slack in the braiding and makes it lay flat. Some braiding come folded flat and that crease can be a pain to lay flat. To me this works. Also noted Silmar has no problems sticking to the a layer of itself. No seams showing or anything like that.
I think this is exactly what I need to try. With my current process, the blank comes out of the mold looking great, but if any pressure is put on the blank, while squaring, mounting on the lathe, or even assembly, I will get a separation of resin and fiber. I have to say, I have almost thrown a pen or two across the shop after this has happened, namely on a watch parts pen I made, where this happened during assembly.
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