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You are correct about the PITH and hopefully, the blank you got wil work for you.
It doesn't have to be that blank.......But at least bring that back to show.

I guess that Woodcraft doesn't need us to make pens for them......I guess Jeff was joking. Woodcraft will rent us a lathe for the day @$15 .... Per Lathe
I have reserved one through Ed and will be there early like last month. Contact Ed if you want to have a lathe.

I will be turning pens. Showing the public and visiting with everyone.
I will also talk about my trip and share what happened along the way.
Tonight, Chuck, Mark, Ernie, and I are having supper after a wonderful day together.

I have learned a few things here in Indy. Seem the IAP collection. Have gotten to know some really nice people.
Looking forward now to next week in GA. (I will be calling you Warren) T-shirt weather here........Lovin' it!
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