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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
Good Day gentlemen, & I use that term very loosely when referring to you "Middle Easterners."
I hail from what you have in past refereed to as "Lotusland." & being as of yet I have not heard of another CANADIAN chapter other than this one, I am sending you this light hearted jab.
Is this chapter open to all Canadians, even those west of what you like to refer to as "Canada's Industrial Heartland."
You may refer to BC'ers as "Granola People" as they are mostly nuts & flakes, however there are a million or so of us who do not fit into the "tree-hugging" category, & really don't secretly mind being associated with an Ontario organization, as long as it's not advertised of course.......So what do ya' say eh" Can this right-wing Johnny Canuck jump in as well?
You're in Ric, to be hailed as RB from ths day forth, for no particular reason other than no particular reason!
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