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Default Help Applying CA over contours and V cuts

So I have been trying to put some contours and V cut details into my turnings. On any turnings that are straight, its easy to apply CA and everything goes smooth. When there is any shape at all, I usually have to apply the CA in two or three parts and I get overlapping, if I have a small V cut into the wood and apply CA it fills the V.

Then I find myself sanding too much to overcome for the overlap or filling of the V. I have ruined a few nice pieces trying to finish them. I think that I sanded off too much CA and when I applied the plastic polish everything looked like junk. Then I had to sand everything back down to wood and start over but it never comes out the same.

Is it something I am doing wrong, the way I am applying the CA or will it just come with experience? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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