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For me, PSI's Funline Designer pens have been the best-selling lower end pens. They look much better than the slim/trimlines in my opinion, and they seem to appeal equally to women and to men. The components and mechanisms are rock-solid, though the transmissions do benefit from a bit of lubrication.

Women buy about 75% of the pens I sell. In my experience, more than half of their purchases are for gifts, and more often than not those gifts are for men. I have been very surprised that what I consider to be my more masculine pens (bullet pens, wider pens, etc.) are bought mostly by women.

Here's the thing that intrigued me: while women buy most of my pens in all categories, they heavily favor pens made from acrylics and other resins to wood. Easily 75% of the pens that women buy from me are plastic, and the remainder are about half antler/horn/etc. and half wood. Men seem to shop the opposite way: 75% of the time they buy antler/etc. or wood, and only choose acrylics about 25% of the time.

I guess all of that is outside the scope of your original question, but it is hopefully useful information regardless.

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