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Originally Posted by gratz View Post
What are you guys using for razors? I've been looking for a good double edge safety razor kit, but there don't look to be many out there....

Here's a redwood burl set I recently put together:
My daily razor is a 1926 Gillette Big Fellow with New Improved head. I went through many DE razors and ended up using the Big Fellow most of the time. I still have a bunch of DE razors that I need to sell, but some I will hang on to. Check out Merkur Progress. It's an adjustable razor and is one of my favorites. You can get them brand new for around $70 or used for $50 or so. Great razors. I also have and enjoy some inexpensive made in India DEs that are open comb. They are sold by many vendors on line for around $30. They are called Cadet or RazoRock sells them as their own brand and so do many others. The razor in your picture is a "TTO", which stands for Twist To Open and is not my thing at all. I tried a few different ones including the vintage Gillette (who invented it) and just did not care for them. Many people enjoy them, so don't take my word for it. Do try a simple three piece DE like a vintage Gillette (look for them on yard sales and flea markets. They look terrible and are cheap, but shine right up and work as good as the day they were sold. My Big Fellow is amazing and I got it for $20) or a Merkur or Edwin Jagger or Muhle. They are out there and a decent one will cost around $30 - $50 new or less for used (look for the used ones on shaving fora like TSN).
My handmade and restored shaving brushes on Etsy

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