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Originally Posted by georgestanley032 View Post
It looks pretty neat. I've been on the lookout for brushes as per my preference. Brushes made from badger hair are tough yet pliable and they are my favorite so far.
Does your brush have excellent water retaining properties?
Badger hair comes in many different grades and several species of badger. This brush is made with hair from a badger sometimes referred to as "Manchurian". It is mostly black with some white/silver tips. This type of hair is usually called "two band" because of the way the hair looks in a brush. A band of black and a band of silvery tips. More conventional badger brushes will be made from a different badger species and will have three bands (usually referred to as "Best Badger" grade) or just look all grey, referred to as "Pure badger". Pure badger brushes are usually inexpensive and prickly to the skin. Not a bad thing, just most people don't like it. Best badger can be very soft, but floppy. I find two band badger to be my favorite because it is both resilient and extremely soft at the tips. So the knot is very sturdy against the face, yet not prickly at all. Feels luxurious and soft, yet massages the face and spreads the lather wonderfully. Most badger hair brushes hold a lot of water/lather. The knots I use are extremely dense and hold a tremendous amounts of water/lather.

As for the soaps, do yourself a favor and try a hard or a soft soap. You may never go back to a creme again. I tried several high end cremes and have come away disappointed every time. Art of Shaving stuff is okay, but way overpriced for what it is, so try something else for soap. I can give you suggestions. PM me if you like. There are so many artisan soap makers on the market right now, it's amazing. Most of them are light years ahead of AOS and less expensive. As I mentioned, check out Mike's. Also How To Grow A Mustache, Petal Pusher Fancies, Barrister & Mann, Strop Shoppe, RazoRock, Stirling, Dapper Dragon. Those are just off the top of my head.
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