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Originally Posted by Dan Masshardt View Post
Cool. They are on my short list of new things to try.

Have you tried different knots to see what you like best? I'm trying to decide which one to buy.

Thanks for sharing these.
I have tried many knots for shaving brushes. I like boar knots and have a few brushes made with Omega boar knots. I just buy the cheapest Omega brush with a knot I like and extract the knot out of the cheapo ABS handle. Omega boar knots are some of the very best boar knots out there. They are also inexpensive. I recently bought an Omega 49 brush for $10 on amazon. Amazing large (27mm) boar knot. Haven't set into a handle yet, but will soon.

As far as badger knots, I don't even bother with anything but the two band finest. I buy mine at TGN (The Golden Nib) on the web. They also sell pen kits and blanks. The two band badger knots they carry are excellent. Allow extra 2mm for knot to expand out. So if you buy a 24mm knot it will most likely make a 26mm brush.

Best of luck and enjoy the shaves once you do make a brush. You'll never go back to canned goo again. Get some artisan shaving soap from a multitude of excellent soap makers here in US (too many to mention, but Mike's Naturals are some of my favorite).

My handmade and restored shaving brushes on Etsy

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