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Default Shaving brushes

I've been making shaving brushes for a while now. I sell them on Etsy and really enjoy using them myself. Until recently I made them without a lathe using a drill press a turning apparatus. Not great. Now that I have my Jet 1014 mini lathe I am learning the skills by making pens and now I feel that I have enough to make some brushes too. I want to keep this thread going to show off my new brushes as I make them. They usually go into my Etsy store inventory, but some are made for friends, family and by commission.

This one is my third lathe brush. I made it out of butterscotch poly resin I bought from a supplier that also sells brush knots. I have tried casting my own resin and had fun with it. I will try it again soon and the blanks will also be made by myself. I love doing as much as possible myself.

Here are the pictures:

approximate dimensions:

Total height: 98mm
Handle height: 48mm
Loft height: 50mm
Knot: 27mm
My handmade and restored shaving brushes on Etsy

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