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I finally stopped using Stickfast....have tried a few other "premium" brands, but have settled on Starbond based on recco's here on IAP. I have not seen any cracks with this stuff and have been using it since February. If I use an accelerator it's maybe one shot per pen and only when the CA has gotten tacky when I have one or two coats to go. The following coats of CA dry quickly after the accelerator. Also, I don't use a pressurized can of Accelerator either, there is accelerant in it and I think it affects the CA, I use the Starbond squirt bottle. Most times I don't need to use it at all. Just let it dry like others have suggested here. I found that I can purchase Starbond at I work in a WoodCraft Store and can get all the Stickfast I want with my employee discount, but it's not worth it if you have to refinish all your pens due to the cracking.---Rich
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