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Default New to turning and penmaking


I am the new girl on the block. I have just started using my husband's Jet Mini lathe (with a bed extension) and I am having a blast. I have found turning to be so relaxing. The time passes so quickly when I am turning.

I have decided to try some pen turning. Hubby did some many years ago, but now it is my turn. We have been busy buying pen kits and all the bits we need to help me be successful. We already had the turning tools.

I have done a couple of pens from wood, one out of walnut and one out of hedge. They turned out OK, but they could use some improvement.

Then I found a couple of acrylic blanks that we had bought a few years ago when my husband was trying to get me interested in turning. I REALLY like acrylic. I think I did pretty good with those, but we had trouble getting the pen kits to fit correctly. Still don't know what I did wrong with those. They were just too tight and wouldn't go together (yes we have a pen press).

Then I moved on to some Corian blanks that we cut years ago. Corian is presenting a learning curve for me, but I did manage to get a slim line one turned. It is light in color, not my favorite, but success non the less.

We just managed to get our hands on TONS of Corian, probably more then I could ever think of using. Colors aren't too exciting, but we will see if we can mix and match the colors.

So, that leads me to my quesitons......we glued up a couple pieces of white Corian the other day then also a couple pieces of a dark grey (two different pen blanks). When the white one turned down for a practice piece you can still see the glue up joints. We did use CA glue, but reading around here on the site it looks like we need to sand the Corian down before gluing them together. Is the medium CA glue what you are still recommending? Also, should I be wearing a mask to not inhale the dust? It is a pretty large shop, but do I still need a mask?

The dark blank seemed to hide the glue line better. And actually the grey seemed to turn down to a beautiful chocolate color with specs.

I would love to mix and match and glue up the Corian. Can it be glued up with wood, then turned? How thin of pieces of Corian can be glued up to make a multi colored pen?

Oh and I would like to also learn about casting. I have no idea where to begin, but that sounds like fun!!!

THANKS for reading my ramble. I'm just having so much fun!!!
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