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Are you sure it's really bog oak? Bog oak sits in a bog for hundreds or thousands of years and the minerals in the peat/water are absorbed into the wood turning it a glossy black. I've worked with a lot of bog oak from Ireland and have never come across an oily piece. Oak itself isn't an oily wood and the bogs by definition, are water, not oil.

I have had some with dark brown veins and have a piece from the core of the trunk that has a large streak of light gray running through it but as soon as any liquid finish touches it, they both turn very dark - not quite black but darn close.

That being said, I've always finished bog oak with shellac and wax. Think of it as french polishing the pen but the lathe is doing the work of your arm. You're basically building up 10, 20, 30 very thin coats of shellac until you get a nice sheen and then finish it up with wax.
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