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Default Heartwood and Sapwood Apple Clickers

Here is a set of CSUSA Clickers in Black Ti from Apple wood from my brother's property. One is sapwood, the other heartwood.

These are pens number 5 and 6 for me, so I'm still working things out. I slipped with the chisel and gouged the sapwood pen near the nib end - if you call it that on a non-fountain pen. I went ahead and put the pen together anyway since it was my first clicker and I wanted a trial run at assembling it The heartwood pen is going to my brother. I'll carry the goofy-pen until I can make myself a better one - I'll just be too embarrassed to show it to anyone.

I told my brother that I'll give it to him when we go visit this weekend, but he has to take it to work and keep it a secret from the rest of the family since several of them are getting pens for Christmas. I'll use the time between now and then to learn some new techniques (burning rings, simple segments, etc). I also need to improve my sanding.

Speaking of which, how can I improve my sanding. You might not be able to see it in the picture, but there are trace lines on the pen. I can't figure out of they are from the edge of the sandpaper, or a rogue large grit on the paper. I am using approx 1 inch wide sand paper that comes on a roll with about 5 various grits in the dispenser box. I sand through them up to 600, then go through all the MM foam pads. I'm using one finger on the sandpaper so I don't catch the edge of the paper, and I'm using light pressure and letting the paper do the work, but I can't seem to get rid of that faint line.

Thanks for your comments and critiques. I'm having fun learning to turn pens, and being able to give a pen to my brother made from his property is pretty cool.

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