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Originally Posted by its_virgil View Post
One thing I don't do is use denatured alcohol to clean blanks when applying CA glue for a finish. Water readily dissolves into alcohol (water in air such as high humidity). I use CA glue accelerator which I purchase in the bottles. I really like the aersol for using as an accelerator but use the bulk bottles for cleaning. The accelerator evaoprates quickly and causes no ill effects.

I'm not trying to be arguminitive but just sharing what I have experienced.

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One thing I do is clean with denatured alcohol.
Ditto on not using DNA. I use to get those foggy finishes, but switched to using CA accelerator for cleaning the blank. I also stopped using BLO, but not because of the foggy finishes. I just found CA alone was all I needed to get a great finish. Another part of my CA finish process is to let the blanks gas out for 24 hours before doing the final sanding.
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