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Sorry, but you have some innacurate information in your reply. Alumilite is NOT thicker than Silmar 41. Here are the viscosities of each:

Silmar 41: 470 CPS
Alumilite Water Clear: 450 CPS
Alumilite Clear: 400 CPS

The lower the viscosity, the "thinner" the material is so as you can see from actual technical data, both of the Alumilite clear products are "thinner" than PR.

Also, your statement about it being MUCH cheaper is also inaccurate unless you quantify "Much". Yes, it is cheaper. both of the Alumilite products mentioned above are $80 per gallon.

One big advantage of Alumilite that has not been mentioned is the lack of smell. It does have some odor but it is faint and will not stink up your entire shop like PR will. As for mixing, yes it is more particular in that it needs to be completely mixed but I don't really see that as an issue.

They both have their place. Alumilite is better for Worthless Wood while PR is better for labels and snake skins. I don't do tube in casting so I prefer to not stink up my whole shop for days at a time.

Originally Posted by ZanderPommo View Post
If turning ease is what you want get alumilite, I use PR but I dont mind turning it, and it is far cheaper than Alumilite, and from what I understand, alumilite is harder to mix, and is thicker as well.
Because it is so much thicker I think you are more prone to bubbles if you dont cast under pressure. With PR thinned by warm water you can cast bubble free with no pressure whatsoever.
a gallon of silmar 41 ships to my door for less than $50......

(PS: i looooove turning alumilite)
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