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Originally Posted by PenMan1 View Post
Originally Posted by its_virgil View Post
Everyting sold by PSi can be purchased from resellers and often for less. A phone call to your favorite PSI reseller may be necessry but I've never failed to get what I wanted from the two independent PSi resellers I use.

Ernie has a top notch business...he has never disappointed me...never.

Do a good turn daily!
Well.....not exactly everything. As soon as Ryan starts carrying the glass display window boxes and large inserts (currency on back order from PSI, again), the fine folks from Philly WON'T be hearing from my fat arse, again!
Hi PenMan1

I do buy a lot of those pen boxes and just tried those new ones.http:// If someone else carries it GREAT, I will be happy to give him my business. I do buy a lot of Majestic Jr but that I can leave without, there are so many other nice pen kits on the market, and we have plenty of choice.

My point at the time I re-open this thread was WYSIWYG but in the case of PSI that is not thru. Web site say’s: We are open from 8:30am to 8:30pm hum… Try to call them at 5:30pm with an issue and see. Also same information’s on the email.

One thing I forgot to mention and it is very important: The company policy regarding the customer service is not reflecting all the people who work for PSI. I have deal with Maria many times and she did her best to make me satisfied. But the point is not there, this should not happen.
Taking the time of taking the time...

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