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I've seen and asked the same question as yourself... For me, YouTube was the best to find a starting point. I tried Russ Fairfield's CA/BLO finish first, worked ok, but like you have already pointed out, it's a starting point. I went back to YouTube about 10 times, seeking "my perfect finish", which if I listened to everyone on here, likely shouldn't work, but it does for me.

I believe that Finishing is dependent upon a number of factors, Materials being used in the finishing process, what material is the finish being applied to, temperature at which the finish is being applied at (room temp, glue temp, etc.) accelerator being used? if so, how much, at what point in time, Materials being used to apply the CA glue, the CA Glue thickness, Altitude at which finish is being applied at, relative humidity and if it's a full moon...

Sorry to ramble on, but start with the basics on Youtube, and experiment from there.
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